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Lemme see
I draw cats :iconyoudontsayplz:
I animate whenever I have the time~
I play the trumpet :dummy:
I'm pretty decent at playing the trumpet :dummy:
I have a terrible time trying to reply to feedback messages (mostly cause of my computer not letting me, and partially cause I suck)
Kalin kinda know's how to RP
for anyone who doesn't know, Kalin's a little bit (extremely) crazy~

Girlfriend: Sophister :heart:
YES HELLO this is Sophie. vwv
If you hurt my bae expect an extremely polite message from me (and we all know how scary extremely polite messages are because you can never tell if they're legit that weirdly nice or just being really good at hiding their hellbound fury).
But yenno. I don't think a lot of you are prone to r00dness like that so I sure hope that won't have to happen. c:
In summary: Kalin = mien so be nice. K? K. ^v^b <3

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Alright, so I joined dA April 17, 2011, so a bit over three years ago, when I was in 8th grade, my goodness. I became interested after I had watched some animations from tenshiketsueki1000 on her youtube channel, and then I clicked a link from her youtube channel to dA, and then I was like “oH COOL, THIS LOOKS LIKE A PRETTY COOL SITE.” And then I joined and all. I didn’t really do much on the site besides watch other peoples’ art. At first I was all like “man, Imma make a comic series thing or something and it’ll be all cool” and then two chapters in and I was like “nope, not doin this” then deleted all that. I posted a couple pictures when I had first started, but didn’t really do much besides watch other peoples’ art. During the summer that year I didn’t go on dA much, and that lasted for a good while, until around the middle of freshman year.

I had been browsing dA and an OCT had caught my eye. I had found Karl from the Law of Talos OCT and I had getting really interested in joining one, so I thought I’d join an OCT called The City OCT. I’d gone into the chat room of the group, and then I had made some of my first friends on dA (I haven’t talked to any of them in years tho OTL), but what had ended up happening is I didn’t join the OCT because I sucked as much then as I do now, and probably more then, so I couldn’t finish drawing cause I was slow as frick, and I wasn’t literate as I should’ve probably been or anything. This OCT also led to me becoming interested in anthromorphic animals because of a character that was in it that I thought was really cool.

Up until the OCT, I had just drawn humans primarily, and had probably never attempted any sort of animal or anything. Then, around the end of Freshman year, I had become more active on dA, looking through more stuff and trying to post more frequently or whatever, and then I had found some warriors art, and I was like “oh wow, warriors seems like something that looks pretty cool” then I found the SSS warriors animation and was like “Oh WOW, WARRIORS” so then I had gotten the first book from the library, and had started to draw cats. Shortly after I had gotten into warriors, I had gotten interested in roleplaying, but I hadn’t actually thought about doing it or anything.

I had watched some warriors groups and then, I had found a picture of Nobuo in there, and then thought it was a pretty awesome picture, and then I looked into the group and was like “oH wow, this looks awesome!” so then that was probably early September of 2012. I read the journals and then asked some questions, and then I was like “Imma try to join this” and then I had started making a character and everything. So then January of 2013 came, and I had created a character and everything, and I’m sure most people know this, but Cyrus had originally for Shadow-Tribe, and he was also as blue as the sky, and he got rejected first tribe, so then I went for Fire-Tribe and he got accepted :icondatplz:. TGB wasn’t my first rp group that I had joined though, I was accepted into OSAC with Leaftail about a week prior to that, although, I’m not sure how I made it in with him, his history wasn’t very well writtin and when I read it now, I’m like “?????”

But Ayyyy, TGB. I wasn’t too active in the chats the first month or two because I didn’t have any access to the chats because the school blocked it and I wasn’t allowed on the comp at home (?????) but then I got internet on this comp and was all like “AYYYYYY” Shortly after getting internet, I was like “ALRIGHT, IMPROVE ART CAUSE I SUCK, AND LIKE, EVERYONE IN TGB IS FRIGGIN AWESOME, AND GOTTA CATCH UP TO EVERYONE” and so I drew and then had the most improvement in that amount of time, than any other time I’ve drawn, so that was gr8 :icondatplz:

Hmm… that was about a year ago now. There’s been a lot of good things that have happened in the past year. I’ve made so many good friends, and best friends, (and a GF *INTENSE SWAGGLING OF EYEBROWS AT Sophister*) and it’s just awesome to have every one of them :heart:
Also took me until 2 days ago to get to 100 watchers AYYYYYY B)

dA, especially for the past year and a half, has changed me so much, and although it can cause lots of stress and frustrations sometimes, I believe that it’s been for the better.

Alright, now that’s over //casually goes back to procrastinating on stuff that I should be doing// :icondatplz:

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